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The inclusion of automated transport is revolutionizing automotive business processes.

The use of advanced smart transportation technology such as Cloud, Mobile, Social, internet of Things and Big Data in business networks enriches the commercial offer, turning registration systems into commitment systems.

More intelligent and autonomous machines are the start of a new era

Smart transportation technology, a new era

It is not just about optimizing operations and adding value to your company, it is about integrating new methods as well as intelligent and autonomous systems that allow the interaction of machines and humans in a simple and functional way.

Solutions for transformation

Solutions for transformation

  • Strategic Plan for Investment in Technology Strengthening of Strategies.
  • Effective Internal and External Communication.
  • Media Virtualization of learning.
  • System Integration and Unification of Security Systems.
  • Analysis and design of strategies for identity management in the organization.
  • Strategic Management of Identity.
Solutions for implementation

Digital instruments for implementation

  • Control of Assets and Merchandise (RFID 1D-2D).
  • Virtual Training (3D-VR-RA).
  • Historical Collection and Errors (PLC Data-CC Link).
  • Predictive Analysis (BI).
  • Data Transportation Facility (ETL).
  • Digital Signage.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Apps Development.


By 2020:

of all economic transactions will require autonomous software agents outside of human control.

of mobile interactions will be facilitate by smart agents and the post-app era will begin to dominate.

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