The radical change in the manufacturing industry

Currently the fourth industrial revolution has modified the way of working within companies and factories, growing even more the intersection of manufacturing and technology.

In order to make this transformation possible, today we have tools that support the acquisition of valuable information and actions based on big data, optimizing operations and transforming the very nature of traditional business models.

Among the companies that already do the above is Jabil, who use predictive analytics to be able to assemble floor equipment to discover errors and failures before they happen. “It’s a continuous learning system. This means that with each operation and every execution, companies become better and better.

The intelligence system is not a static thing, it is a continuously improving digital feedback loop from which many people can benefit. ” He mentions Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft talking about this success story at his conference at the Hannover Messe 2016, the world’s largest industrial technology fair, held in Germany.

Because companies are part of a global economy and a global society, they need to aspire to consider all the audiences they serve, from citizens to organizations, as well as to a broader economy, a more sustainable enterprise with economies More viable, maximizing the skills of the workers of the future.

Satya Nadella: Cómo la transformación digital ha comenzado a cambiar la cara de la manufactura



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